How to customize Single Post Details Page

You can customize the Single Post Details Page as you like. Follow Theme Options > General Settings. Click the Single Post Page from the Post tab, and the Single Post Page field will appear.

Layout: Choose a post single-page layout from here.

Author: Show/hide the author's name.

Date: Show/Hide the post publication date.

Views Count: Show/Hide post views count.

Category: Show/Hide Post Categories.

Tags: Show/Hide post tags.

Category: Switch On to Category.

Tags: Switch On to Tags.

Comments: Switch On to Comments.

Post Share Option: Show/Hide Post Share Options

Biography Info: Switch On to Biography info.

Post Prev/Next Nav: Show/Hide Previous and Next Post Navigation.

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Related Post Section Title: Related Post Title.

Popular Post: Show/Hide Popular.

Popular Post Section Title: Popular Post Title.

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